Voice Remote Samsung Smart TV - BETA APK

A Simple TV remote control for samsung smart tvs, works on voice commands.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedDec 10, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperGrt labs
CategoryApps, Entertainment

*********** This is not a official Samsung product *************

This apps lets you to perform basic TV remote operations by voice commands.
All you need to do is configure IP address of your TV in to the app.

Your TV and phone should be connected to same home network.

To Setup:
After downloading app, click on setting button and enter IP address of your TV. You can see the IP address of TV in TV's network settings.

You can use following commands with the APP.

1. Volume up : Increase TV volume by 1 point
2. Volume down : Decrease TV volume by 1 point
3. Volume up by (number): Increase TV volume by (numbers) point. for EX command "Volume up by 5" will increase the TV volume by 5 points.
4. Volume down by (number): Decreases TV volume by (numbers) point. for EX command "Volume down by 5" will decrease the TV volume by 5 points.
5. 3. Mute : Mute tv volume
6. Turn Off: Turn off the TV
7. Change Source : change source of TV between HDMI/TV/Video source etc.
8. Up : Performs the move UP actions ( arrow key )
9. Down : Performs the move down actions ( arrow key )
10. Channel (X): Changes the TV channel to number X. For ex. Channel 5 will change the TV channel to 5.

This is BETA version, please report bugs and enhancements.

Email: anirudh.gurjar@gmail.com

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