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UpdatedJul 31, 2014 (6 years ago)
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Voice Secretary: Use as a vocal “Reminder”, “Memory aid” or “Schedule timer”. Voice Secretary is a fantastic voice reminder app that you can use to set a reminder easily and get those reminders via your own chosen input, you can select reminders using different “selectable” sounds etc’ You can even use your own voice as a reminder sound !, Easy to understand UI to set a reminder, nag whenever you may need it etc, it really simple to use and an invaluable memory aid! Impressive UI Impressive UI simple and easy to use with either a Quick or Easy Start mode. WHAT USER SAY ★★★★★John Boase on Sep 7, 2013 at 3:59 AM Great app and great developer. Asked if he could add voice proximity and he has...thank you! ★★★★★david bailey on Sep 5, 2013 at 7:28 PM Thank you Works as advertised. Keeps me in check and has help me organize my life. ★★★★★YongTae Yi on Aug 30, 2013 at 3:06 PM Good! Very good app! I'll be happier to have more Repeat options. For example, 5m, 2h etc. Easy start, just click the “Record” button. Nag & Real Vocal Using your own voice as “Alert “sound and "Nag" will let you never miss an important reminder! High Quality! Use your own device hardware to record high quality voice! Voice Secretary allows you to: Easy start your reminders with just talk to your phone when driving or walking and so on. Remind you to buy birthday gift for your family & friends Remind you the import date and holidays Remind you to take medication on time Remind you to call your parents or friends Remind you to buy present for your wife/children/friends, everyyear? Absolutly Yes! Remind you to take any important appointments Remind you to go shopping with your voice shopping list Remind you wake up ealier Remind everything anywhere & anytime, simple your life! 3 steps start your reminders: 1. Tap the record icon, record a reminder using your voice 2. Set time/date for the reminder to alert you 3. Tap save and close the app Our sucess on iOS version: ★ Featured on Home page in the "What's hot" section in China AppStore ★ Featured on Home page in the "Staff Favorites" in App Store. ★ Featured in the‘What's Hot' section of the United Status, Japan, Canada, Russia,Hong Kong, Tai Wan, Business App Store Wanna iOS version? Check it out here.http://itunes.apple.com/app/id396302071 Features: +Click Menu when you on main pages to get HELP doc +Easily start an voice reminder from main activity page +Start an voice reminder with pre-defined date from set detail page +Start an voice reminder with exactly date from set detail page +Set an voice reminder as repeatable one(every hour,every day, etc) from set detail page +Save the voice reminder as a note(no sound remind) from set detail page +Reset the repeat level and reminder date from edit page +Play and listen your voice reminder from edit page +Update/modify the voice reminder subject from edit page +Reset remind sound from the edit page(you can use your own voice as remind sound) +Set remind time from edit page(5 mins before, 10 mins before, etc) +Set Nag level from edit page(Nag will won't let you miss anyone reminders!) +Send your voice reminder via email etc from edit page +Delete the voice reminder from edit page +Postphone the voice reminder when you needed +Delete all or some voice reminders from alert manage page +Define the voice reminder subject prefix from setting page +Define default remind time from setting page +Define default remind sound from setting page +Enable/disable vibration when reminder triggered +Share Voice Secretary to FB/Twitter etc +Share Voice Secretary with your friends We aim to creat a great product, so please feel free feedback to us when you have any questions. Thanks in advance!

What's New

New Features 2014/3/5 1.change time text colr 2. bug fix 2014/1/15 1. few bug fix 2. Add upgrade to pro interface on setting page 3. The free version will limit upgrade in future, so recommend check out pro version for more features More Features include in Pro version: 1. Backup voice file to Dropbox 2. Review and play reminder on List page 3. Default global nag setting 4.Proximity feature - Auto Reminder volume down when phone close to ear 5.Easy dismiss Reminder when it happening
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