Voice SMS will detect your voice message, audio SMS, and convert it into text.


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Sep 30, 2021

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Voice SMS is a voice-to-text message converter that is simple to apply for dictating speech to text. This speech-to-text app provides you a powerful and easy in use system of dictating voice messages. This Voice SMS application will immediately catch your voice message or audio SMS and transform it into text. Write SMS through Voice SMS, Voice Translator comes with the support of talk to text feature that helps users to send and gather audio SMS with the relief of voice input. You can avail the transcription-to-text service that converts lengthy audio conversations or group voice SMS into notes or text by this useful speak-to-text application. This Voice SMS app confers a platform for the users to get their speech transformed to text with no exceptional problems.
Voice Typing is a dynamic mobile phone application for users who Abundantly use mobile phone typing or have to make notes on it. This voice recognizer app is systematic to recognize and swiftly convert it into text form.
Using our Voice SMS app you speak in any language of the world, with help of the dictation to text feature it will detect and convert your private voice message into text or notes. Send SMS by voice option removes the need for typing by hand so users can entirely remain focused on other things while typing and send audio messages to their friends and family with our fast voice messenger.
Our Voice messenger is an audio to text message converter which is simple to apply for dictating speech to text. It converts the speech of someone to text at the same time as texting or messaging in the English language with the purpose to be sent as an SMS.
This talk text, Voice message app has marvelous features and some special of them are here to mention to you.
★ Select Auto-Messages:
You can get benefit from the Auto messages when you are in hurry and you don't have much time to type or record voice SMS so just go to Open message and select your auto-message.
★ Save Messages:
You can Save messages in this Type by voice app to use latterly.
★ Voice SMS:
Write SMS by voice recording just like you are talking in front of the desired person.
★ Voice Recording:
You can also Record voice messages or any other audio in this special voice recording app, and share with your friends and family directly from the app.
★ Voice Search:
Search by voice for News, shopping, Social Apps, even in the search Engine in this specific Application.
★ Write by Voice in Any Language:
You can select any language you belong to, and type by speaking in your own language.
★ Dictation To Text:
This voice SMS typing app has a special feature to detect audio and it will convert it into text form.
★ Speedy Typing:
Voice SMS Works faster and without any problems, it will type your voice message exactly as you are speaking.
★ Send Media:
In this app, you can also send media like photos, documents, etc on other social apps.

How To Use:
Simply Install our App and Click the Arrow Button,
Choose the category Voice SMS, Voice Recording, or Voice Search,
Now hold the Mike Button and speak your message,
now just click the Send button and choose the receiver contact number and it is DONE.
🌟🌟🌟 Features And Functions: 🌟🌟🌟

* No Need to write sms with hand just speak and convert sms into txt without facing problem write sms voice
* Write Message by Voice has high quality voice recognition
* Save messages for future to quick usage
* send spanish voice message
* send voice messeges to friends
* Different languages are supported dictate text message
* User-Friendly interface with different features
* Easy to use and work professionally voice messaging
* Write Voice SMS is Free App To use for spanish voice message
* speak to text audio voice messages
* handwritten messages convert sms and send to friends
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