Voice Typing In Gujarati - With Edit Feature APK

Fastest And Easiest Way To Create, Edit, Save and Share Messages In Gujarati !

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UpdatedOct 28, 2019 (12 months ago)
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Have you always wanted to communicate with your loves ones in Gujarati, your mother tongue? Now, you can !

With this app, you can speak in Gujarati in the Mic and your speech gets automatically converted to Gujarati.

Share the message through SMS, Mail or Social Media with a single tap. As simple as that!

How To Use:

1.Just tap the 'Mic' button; after 'tring' sound start speaking.
2. Make a short speech and stop after you hear the 'tring' sound again with a tap
on 'Mic' button to stop.
3. Your speech get the converted text in Gujarati, sentence by sentence (not long
4. Tap the 'Share' button and get the message automatically in SMS, Mail and
Social Media !

Key Features:

+ Easy and intuitive to use - Tap the '?' button to know about the toolbar.

+ Easy to share - Tap the 'Share' and select the recipient (from SMS, Mail, Twitter,
Facebook, WhatsApp or other Social Media), the message gets automatically

+ Easy to save - you can save the message in Google Drive for using later.

Unique Feature:

+ Speech To Text In Gujarati (With Edit Feature) App comes with an unique Edit
option: you can add or edit text by typing in English.


+ You don't want to speak the text? You can still use the app ! You can type the
message in English and text will get converted to Gujarati.

+ You want to correct or insert a word? Insert a new word by typing in English and
press 'enter' button to convert to Gujarati.

+ Or simply type in English and choose from 'suggestions' given by the app.

+ Remember to delete the message before closing the app, otherwise, the message
will show up when you open the app again.


+ This only when you are connected to the Internet.
+ The app does not sync, record or share your messages.

Email: appsambi@gmail.com

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