Volume Booster tool provides loud Audio Sound Quality and Boost sound.


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Apr 7, 2017
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Volume Booster APP

Volume Booster
Boost your phone’s volume instantly on single touch, you can increase your all sound of mobile such as ringtone, phone volume, alarm, DTMF sound and media player volume in single application. Install this volume booster to effect bass of phone like never before.
Extra Sound Features :
:-) Loudness Enhancer
:-) Bass Boost
:-) Virtualized
:-) Balance Control (left : right) Speaker
:-) Treble
:-) Bar Graph graphic Visualizer
:-) Power full Music Player with Repeat and Shuffle

Note : Please use Headphone. When you want to notice Sound Effects.
These effects will give New life to your phone speaker.

If you got any trouble while using this app please mail us on : finite pixel@gmail.com with your device model number.
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