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1.1.0 · Jan 29, 2021

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Version1.1.0 (2)
UpdatedJan 29, 2021
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Those who love Paper.io 2 will also love Voov.io!

Voov.io Description
Voov.io is a fun game , that requires players to chop away at the arena as well as the safe zone of other players within the game. Voov.io tasks players with a duty to broaden their territory. Players can achieve this by eliminating their opponents to make their zone's bigger and drawing their new territories with own steps. The multi player Voov.io game is a fast paced game which lets players chop pieces off the field and turn those pieces to their own character's colors. You can accomplish this by leaving your zone and looping around ; to make bigger your zone however, all you need do is to try not to get cut off by other players, because once that happen, you will lose!
HOW TO PLAY Voov. io ?
To direct your character in the game is controlled by dragging and touching your device ’s screen as a player. Character will follow your instructions if you drag your screen to top your character go to top automatically , if you touch your screen it will understand as an order and it will follow your orders one by one. When you start to game it will appear a center which is yours so to expand your territory you have to come back your center after drawing a shape by running on the map and you are not alone in this game so you have to be careful about other players what they do, they might interrupt your plans. While you are running you have to watch yourself to not cross the other player’s lines if you cross their lines before you turn back to your center you will lose the game! If you make a circle which clashes with your lines you will lose the game because you can not circle yourself if you did not come back to your center. Also everyone has a one center you may cut off their zones by travelling in it and you make their zones smaller by cutting off. But when you are in their zones if they get you in their circles there is a no way to go out from that circle, as a result , you will lose the game. Finally map is restricted by a certain region so none of the players can not go to beyond the map. So you should make you plans in a certain and restricted region.

How To Win Game at Voov.io?
1 - To win the game when the match begins you should not forget your skin colour to not get confused. It will help you to aim your enemies .
2 - To win the game you should not be far away from your center to not get killed by other players but also you should be at a long distance to make your zones bigger as a result you should be able to turn back whenever you see the enemy to complete your region to expand your region by going to center immediately whenever you see the enemy.
3 - To win the game, you must broaden your zone by making little shapes but if you try to make a bigger shapes you have to be sure about the other player’ s movements and going back to center and complete the your field. Before you get killed by other players .
Voov.io is a game which is .io based so Voov.io is free to play, it is a casual game which has a multiplayer component, it's contains very few mechanisms, and minimalist graphics so it will not affect your phones or tablet in a bad way. As we know all .io based made by using Javascript, C++ and C#. But some times it is not enough to creates such as .io games so developers use Unity, Unreal Engine which we call Game Engines . Unity which is a one of the Most Popular Game Engines is helps us to create games without code knowledge which is a very good side of the game engines . Some parts of the Voov.io made by using Unity Game Engine. The Voov.io is 2D game because it’s based .io but some people says that it’ s 2.5D. Probably in the next decade there will be 3D games which is based .io. Arcade is the basics of the .io games because It’s a gaming genre that focuses on fast paced gaming activity and enhanced hand eye coordinative ability than it does on any other aspect of the game.

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