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App for reading books in foreign languages and memorizing words when reading

Version2.01.GP (201)
UpdatedApr 17, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperAndrei Ponomarev
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What if English is not your native language but you would like to feel all nuances of horror in the Stephen King's books? Or if you have always dreamed to read Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace" in the original, in Russian? Great news is that with Vortozo it becomes quite possible, even if your skill level in Russian or English is not high. Vortozо is here and now, and it is intended for reading books in foreign languages as well as for reading books in native language!

Currently it supports English and Russian as foreign languages. Language of reader can be chosen of: English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, and Portuguese.

When reading, if the book is in foreign language, the app highlights unknown words and builds a dictionary for the current page to explore and learn these words. Also it offers for learners a special active memorization procedure for the unknown words and phrases from the reading books.

Thousands books can be downloaded freely from the proposed or user-specified online-catalogs (OPDS ) as well as be imported from the files of the device memory.


- Highlights unknown words (and phrases) in the text when reading
- Creates a dictionary of unknown words for the current page as well as for selected text
- Proposes a procedure of active memorization of unknown words which are taken from the reading books
- Allows to get books from the online catalogs or from files of the device memory (formats: epub, fb2, html, txt, zip)
- Provides comfortable reading with using dark and light color themes, settings for font, changing text contrast
- Allows book listening by using the speech synthesizer (TTS). You can set speech speed, duration of pause between phrases, and switch on the phrase repeat mode to better perception
- Allows to enable automatic reminder of the presence of words for memorizing

Read your favorite books in original language!

You will find more details of using Vortozo on the website.

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What's New

- Dictionaries are downloaded to the device and thus there is no need for internet connection to read in a foreign language
- No registration by email

Email: vortozo@gmail.com

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