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Location-based auto silent mode app. Let it mute your phone where you need it!

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UpdatedFeb 01, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Ever heard your phone ringing in class, in the library, in a movie theater or during a play? Even if you didn’t, you can guess that it would be very embarrassing…

Stressful situations like these were very frequent until the appearance of Vpasana! Thanks to this unique silent phone app, you only need to mark once your "quiet zones" and Vpasana will make your phone shift to silent mode whenever you move into one of them. Can you believe it’s 100% free?

Android silent mode:
Vpasana is a one-of-a-kind student app, but it's not only for students: Vpasana is for everyone! Whenever you go to the cinema or to the theater, visit a library or join a conference or a meeting, Vpasana's auto silent app saves you from embarrassment by putting your phone on silent mode. In addition, this ingenious auto silent mode widget prevents also any chance of forgetting to turn your phone back to ringer mode: as soon as you quit the automatic silent zone, your phone will ring again just like before you entered it.

This auto silent mode app simply turns your phone to vibrating mode when you enter a silence zone and restores the original ringtone as soon as you leave it. You only set your quiet zones once and your phone switches by itself to mute mode every time you visit them. Of course, you are not cut off from your mobile device: after you receive the quiet mode reminder, you keep the ability to make and receive phone calls, text messages and use all apps during all your stay in the automatic silent zone. Only the ringtone is off. Location-based silence, as simple as that!

VPasana is not only a productivity tool; it is also a social app that lets you benefit from silent zones defined by other users. Based on users’ behavior and location information, this auto silent app is able to identify common quiet zones where it is recommended to put the phone on silent. When a location like a movie theater or a library is identified as a definite quiet zone, you don’t have to activate any silent toggle widget in that area in order to switch to mute mode: as long as you stay in its premises, automute is on and you receive only silent phone calls.

Ringing cellphones have been proved to be very disruptive in classroom and in many other settings*. Scientific research clearly shows that the accuracy of student answers to tests drops on material which was originally presented while a phone was ringing. Since Cedric M. and Thierry D., both geography teachers from France, have asked their students to install Vpasana on their cellphones, their classrooms are quiet zones and their classes show a higher level of attention with remarkably better results on tests. If you run a school, a library, a church (or a masjid), a theater or a museum (and even if you are only a member or a visitor) you can easily understand how your community will greatly benefit from moving to Vpasana.

Individuals or groups: install now Vpasana for free and enjoy the freedom of a quiet zone when you need it.

Vpasana key features include:
1. Automatically or semi-automatically change volume profile
2. Establishing your own silence zones wherever phones should be in quiet mode
3. The benefits of crowd-sourced intelligence generated by a location-based service app
4. Enjoying a friendly and intuitive user interface

* See Journal of Environmental Psychology, December 2009; and Astronomy Education Review, July 2012

Email: vpasana.tiersep@gmail.com

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