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Oct 22, 2020

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VPN Express Turbo - Free Proxy and Faster Internet APP

VPN Express Turbo is an IP conversion device that can bypass corporate and school firewalls. Website access blocked, applications that can't break the connection time, unlimited traffic, unlimited VPN bandwidth.

All free,

Extraordinary functions of the Kiwi Proxy application:
- Quickly switch IP addresses in more than 69 countries and regions around the world to be approved with just one touch.
- Become the first free VPN with most countries.
- Change your IP address, resolve IP address, fake ip is what you need in VPN Express Turbo
- Super fast, safe and secure VPN for you which is equipped with banking transactions, purchases and sales where public wifi.
- VPN Express Turbo always accompanies you to protect you in the internet virtual world.
- Routing is suitable according to the region you live in
- With free VPN, no need to worry about breaking the cable.
- Unblock Website with 1 click

How to use VPN Express Turbo
1. Download the application from Play store
2. Open the application
3. Select the country that you want to use or select the country that is fully intelligent diverted.
4. touch the circle button to connect.

It's simple, now you are protected, can bypass the firewall, watch movies, websites, foreign applications blocked in Vietnam, If you want to stop connecting, install the circle button again. . Everything is very simple.

Remember to share with friends offline, everyone needs to be protected, safe and private.
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