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Welcome to the Urban Ritual.
Based on many scary urban legends.

Ritual#1 The Elevator (Japan & Korea)
"Hey, hey, do you know this?
You can go to the ghost dimension with an elevator.
Yeah, i meant it! You only need and elevator in at least 10 floors building.
You have to go to the specific floors alone to finally arrive at ghost dimension.
And you have to find something to make your way home yourself or you will stay there forever.
It's like hide and seek i suppose...
Oh! they said you can meet someone before you arrive at ghost dimension, but it's not a human
I know, It's creepy right?"

"This must be only rumors right? there's no way an elevator can do that."
I can't help myself but curious about this and managed to find a building with 12 floors. "What a joke! i can't believe it that i let myself thinking about this, well what ever, let's do this, 5... 8... 5..., wha-"

-Explore the building. Find your way to get back to your world.

Ritual#2 Hungry Ghost (China & South-East Asia)
"Hey! long time no see...
Do you know that ritual, The one where you have to tap a bowl with chopstick?
Yes that one!
They said that if you do that at night, you will call ghosts around you.
You have to prepare foods for them to eat and keep tapping the bowl while they are eating your food!
Be careful to not tap the bowl till it broken, something horrible may happen to you. You may be haunted by the ghosts or they might even kill you.
I did it last week in that Chinese cemetery and the accidentally broke the bowl, man, that's sure scary, lol.
Oh, Gotta to go, see you!"

In the next day, There's a news about my friend's found dead in a chinese cemetery 2 days ago. My friend's family said that he had been missing for five days before the body's found.
"What? Didn't we meet yesterday? What happened to my friend?
Is this related to that ritual??
I think my friend wanted to say something through the ritual..."

-Find out why the cause of your friend's dead or what your friend wanted to say
-Find the true ending.

-Indie VR Horror Game
-Scary thrilling atmospheres
-Virtual Reality experience.
-Creepy atmosphere.
-Jumpscares with high volume.

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