This is a VR Shooter game for 3D Stereo Glasses

This is a VR Shooter game for 3D Stereo Glasses. Welcome to Virtual Reality! Combat the drones!

- Use the trigger function to shoot in the game.
- Interact with objects such as boxes.
- Jumping is available when approaching to the walls.
- Basic AI for enemies that spawn using a script manager.
- A GUI health bar and score board is also working in VR mode.
- Enemy appear in HUD.
- Movement also Works with the D-pad (ipega or Nimbus controller) and of couse, the magnetic trigger to shoot using your 3d stereo glasses.
- Futuristic environment.
- Bullet interaction.
- Immersive Virtual Reality environment.

Required: 3D Stereo Glasses like G.Cardboard. Use magnetic triggers in your 3d glasses to shoot or use a gamepad like Ipega or Nimbus to move.

Survive the drones at all costs!!!
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