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May 17, 2022
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Wakao - The Challenges App App

Wakao is a new age challenges app for mobile first audiences where users on the platform get the opportunity to compete in various challenges and compete with each other in 1vs1 short video battles. The users challenge each other in various categories like dance, music, fashion gaming, home decor and much more. The users on the app have the power to VOTE on the battle videos and decide the winner! Users can watch the participant entries whenever they want, and cast their vote for favourite performers.

Wakao users get to enjoy 100% original content from new content creators in a short video format. Forget endless scrolling & browsing, here’s a talent show app that'll guarantee gripping content over a wide spectrum of talent. If you seek entertainment, then this is your one-stop destination. So, whether you’re a singing enthusiast, dance lover, fashion fiend, or simply a quality content consumer, you’ll find something worth your while here. All you need to do is download the Wakao app and start watching!

Why Spend Time on Wakao?

Short Video Formats - Less drama, more talent, more quality, more entertainment and more gripping music & dance contests. Enjoy quality short video content on the app without any interruptions.

Vote and Decide who Wins - You decide who wins. Vote for your favourite contestants as you watch them perform

Follow the Leaders - Check out the leaderboard and stay up-to-date by following the frontrunners across challenges like dance, music, fashion and more.

Videos on the go - Whether you want to watch for hours or keep it short, watch it at your convenience with just a few taps.

Authentic videos - 100% original content, unscripted, and user-generated content.

Curated Content - Wakao lets you watch content by genre. It’s a talent show app that will keep widening its spectrum in terms of content, so that it offers more to its audience. Watch your favourite ‘shows’ and ‘episodes’ across dance, music, and fashion.

Participate - Whether you are a budding dancer, or a styling enthusiast or an aspiring musician, Wakao has got your back. Simply record your piece and flaunt your talent on our platform and get famous by participating on your favourite shows.

Win Big - Get recognised for your talent and win exciting cash rewards as well as a chance to meet your gurus. We understand that there’s stiff competition out there, and very few avenues of showcasing real, raw talent and even earning a revenue from it. Wakao is a talent app that addresses this worry exactly and helps you focus on your talent entirely. So, pick your favourite dance contest or music content and get creative now!

Share Content - Easily share the content you like with your friends and family.

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