War Legion - Warriors and wizards in epic battles APK

Lead the battle, you are the army commander in mini battles with magic cards sbc

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UpdatedNov 23, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperGreenLigths Games
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The funniest strategy game. Create your own empire with different soldiers. Each of them will have a different skill, which one is your favorite? The wizards, the ninjas or the ground soldiers? Discover many more in this exciting mini battle game.

Select your platoon, lead the battle as the best commander of all time. Manage to infiltrate the enemy's lines and conquer the empire to improve the skills of your warriors. Each magic card has different powers, unites the power of several warriors and creates an army that cannot be defeated. The best arpg game with which you will spend hours enjoying epic battles.

Discover the War Legion battles and destroy your enemy.

Soldiers: Get new soldiers as you win battles and wars. With each battle you will have new cards to combine with your warriors and give them more power. Remember to select your best soldiers for the most important wars; Arrow hunter ninjas, special warriors or wizards.

Magic cards: with magic cards you can expand the power of your army. Develop new skills for your squad, increase the force of each blow and improve the defense so that they better withstand the enemy's attacks. The more magic cards you have in your possession, the more powerful your army will be!

Battles: the gameplay is very simple with mini battles in which the strategy you have with your soldiers will be vital to achieve victory. Order your legion to attack each rival, infiltrate their army and become the hero of your empire.

Army: your army can be made up of different types of warriors; Field soldiers basic to attack small armies. Commanders with a power superior to soldiers inflicting more damage and gaining more defense. Ninja warriors with attacks faster to wear down the enemy in a short space of time. Dragon power a power that you can give your soldiers to obtain the greatest possible attack. Turtle power slows down your enemies and take the opportunity to get close and kill them quickly. Power of the buffalo with which you can attack an entire army and take a lot of life from your opponents. Which is your favorite?

The most epic battle of all time for the control of the magical world begins! With War Legion you will have guaranteed fun with very entertaining games.

Discover the powers of dark magic and white magic with magic cards and lead the greatest of battles for control of the magical world of War Legion. Cast spells against your enemies and become the best mass fighter, the action hero of all time.

With our battle simulator you will learn to create a perfect attack and defense strategy. Cast enchantments on your empire and they will gain a unique and unmatched strength to defeat any War Legion empire.

The greatest rushbattles of all time!

Compete in the largest of the legion leagues, reach the top with epic battles with spectacular battles between small armies and large armies. Fight against brother peoples and start battles that will be written in history books. You will have the best mini battles in War Legion, the best battle simulator with empires and armies.

Invite your friends to join in the fight against the dark army, create a perfect battle strategy and eliminate all your rivals without losing soldiers in the attempt. After each battle you will receive the enemy's loot as gold coins so that you can buy more magic cards and endow your army with a unique and implacable power.

War Legion, the best free battle simulator. Become the greatest commander in history.

Email: dev@greenlightsgames.com

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