A strategy game where ingenious tactics are needed to win the battle of heroes!


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May 19, 2022

Warmasters: Turn-Based RPG Game

Warmasters is a mobile turn-based strategy game with 4X elements that delivers endless fast-paced battles while respecting the player's time. It is a real challenge for logical minds: each battle has many levels to be completed.

Our epic turn-based strategy is under development, and some of the features will be available a bit later.

Right now, we are happy to offer you to try:
- Our tactical combat system (the very heart of the game)
- A glimpse of a PvE campaign
- Fundamentals of a player's base development.

As for our plans, we are going to implement the following 4X elements:

eXplore: send scouts to discover wildlands and gain access to them and their resources.

eXpand: go through the campaign with your heroes and troops, capturing new territories and preparing for the big war.

eXploit: сollect resources to develop your base and use upgrades to increase resource efficiency.

eXterminate: attack and destroy rival clan's players to ensure total domination of the wildlands and your land.

True strategy geeks will get an extra thrill out of the additional rules, restrictions, and limitations that make the game more challenging and complete.

Since true adventurers are always on the go, you can play anywhere, anytime!

Join the Warmasters Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yBQvks2fRe

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