Summon Heroes, defy fate and defeat evil in this epic board game!


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Jul 7, 2022
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Warriors of Destiny Game

“Warriors of Destiny” invites you into its fantastic world! Lead your team of heroes into battle to defeat the Demon God and become the savior of the world!

Embark on a journey through strange and mysterious lands and collect unique heroes of legend with powerful abilities. Form a bond with them strengthened by your shared fate and assemble an unbeatable army. Become an ultimate general that will lead armies against the forces of evil into battle. Go through hardships and victories together, push evil back, uncover the dark truth of this world and take a chance on reversing its tragic fate.

Answer the call of this world. Embark on this fantastic adventure!
##Game Features##

〓Immerse yourself in a fantasy world〓
Discover the magical epos that spans the entire world. Here, you can feel the lush and vibrant world in person, experience all the different tribes and races, and witness the interweaving of light and darkness. Beat the Demon God in his own game and become a wise ruler and savior.

〓Ever-changing, tactical warfare〓
As the commander in charge, you will need to assemble the best team and match them according to their abilities. Change your formations and tactics for different opponents, strategize, and manipulate combat situations to your advantage. Carve your way to victory through countless ways!

〓Numerous heroes, non-stop team play〓
During your adventure, you can also call upon legendary companions, strengthen them with various resources collected during your journey, and finally collect them all around you. Conquer the evil lingering in this world and bring peace and order. You are destined to be the one standing at the peak of glory.

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