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Watch Edge lighting for notifications, screen On/Off and every minute tick.

Version2.1.1 (2311)
UpdatedFeb 22, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperAlrbea Ent.
CategoryApps, Personalization

Animated Edge Lighting for watches , The First & Only Edge Lighting App for watches!

Supports rounded, square and chin rounded screens

AOE Wear is to:
1- Light on every minute tick for x seconds
2- Light after turning screen On for a specific period or always while screen is On.
3- Light after turning screen Off for a specific period or always while screen is Off. (works on Ambient mode)
4- Light after receiving a notification for a specific period for each single app or always.
5- Light at all above cases.

it is similar to the mobile edge lighting but this on is for watches

this app is not a clock face nor contains faces you will keep your watch as it is just an edges of lights around it.

They see me lighting They hatin!
Light your Smart Watch edges when you receive a notification, or at any time.

you can control colors, thickness, speed and lighting animation style

Email: info@aoeapps.com

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