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Did u drink enough water today? We'll remind u to keep proper hydration & health

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Water Tracker — a free hydration reminder App — reminds you to drink water at the right time for a healthier body.

Do you want to detoxify your body to be healthy?
Do you want to lose weight easily for a slim body?
Do you want to have a young skin full of moisture and bursting with life?

A good water intake habit can bring many advantages. It doesn't only satisfy the body's metabolic needs but also improves people's health. If you sufficiently drink water every day, you will get:
• A healthy body. Drinking water can detoxify your body and promote the elimination of toxins and waste.
• A great sleep. At night, your body needs to be hydrated; this will greatly improve your sleep.
• A slim body. Drinking water can improve body metabolism. It can promote blood pressure circulation and help the body consume excess fat.
• A young skin. When you drink enough water for several months, your skin starts to get rid of its impurities.

Moreover, water can satisfy your desire to eat and make your stomach feel full. More importantly, many times we might think that we need food, while actually what we need is only water. That's why one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy is to drink water.

Do you drink enough water?
How many times do you drink?
Do you often forget to drink?
Do you want to have a personal water reminder?

Water Tracker is a daily hydration reminder that helps you develop a good habit to drink water on time and ensure a daily regular water intake. It reminds you to hydrate your body, making you healthier!
After yoga, workout, or even sleep, your body will lose its water balance. Here comes our hydration App, Water Tracker! The great power of water comes with regular daily intake.
Start to drink water & record your intake!

Core features:
• Suggests the best water plan according to your information input
• Reminds you every day to drink water on time
• Records your daily water intake
• Set your own water cup...
• Won't remind you to drink water during your sleep time


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