Automatic Equalizer that automatically finds track's genre and equalize it.

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You deserve better.Because you are awesome!

This app can automatically change your speaker's equalizer with your music.Just start the app and enjoy your "optimized" and "personalized" audio while listening your tracks!

But...hey how is it work?
This app works with classifying and optimizing equalizer which depends on the playing music.You can specify your "personal" equalizer genre by genre.Wait for it...You can edit factory-default equalizer settings too!

This is still alpha version.In the next version,it will work with your Spotify and get six band equalizer.

Thank you for being awesome and feedback.Let's hunt bugs and make it great app for Audiophiles!

• Automatically modify your audio for current track.
• Edit factory-default presets to enjoy your specialized experience.
• Add new presets for new genres.
• 5 band equalizer with auto-noise supressor.

How to use it ?
• Open and start App.
• Make sure that you have a internet connection.
• Play a song from your desired music player.
• Enjoy your track-based unique experience!

Your played songs will be added to app's database with it's genre and classified preset.Once it added, you can play these songs without connection and edit their "specialized" equalizers! That's all you need!

How can i edit factory-default presets?
• Just click the "settings" button in notification and set checked the "Edit presets" checkbox.Now you are free to edit factory-default presets!

Can i change genre's factory-default preset to another?
• Of course you can! Just click the notification while playing song and set another your desired preset to it.Now this song will be played with new factory-preset !

How can i add new preset?
• As you can imagine, if you are going to add a new preset you need a genre! ...Do not worry, it's piece of cake.While listening the track, click the notification and select "Custom".Now it's all up to you! After you changed equalizer, click the "Save" button.Now all songs whose has same genre with currently playing song's genre, will be played with their "own" unique -created by you- preset! How fascinating, isn't it ?

Remember that, your new preset name will be it's genre's name.

• I don't want to hear equalizer while watching video.
Yes I know.But this app uses global audio output channel.That makes it globalized equalizer app which doesn't need its music player.So you can use it with tons of music players in play store as you choosed.

• Can it work with Spotify ? and When there will be more band equalizers?
Hello darkness my old fr....Jokes beside, i am working alone.This is Beta version yet.But be sure, soon there will be Spotify support and Six band equalizer.

• This App will be free,isn't it?
Well.I am a student in College.Life of college student is like living in African savannas.You have to minimize everything to survive.Of course, developers can turn coffee into code but sometimes we need to get some food ...that's sucks i know,blame the IT gods.
There will be two version of this App,one will be free the another one isn't.

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