Oddly satisfying Wax Melting! ASMR Frozen Honey & Hard Wax Beads trends in game


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Jan 3, 2022

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Wax Melting ASMR Frozen Honey GAME

Join this crazy trend of hard wax beads melting in a warmer to make a thick liquid and make different types of wax objects. Enjoy this ASMR oddly satisfying process of wax melting in your mobile device along with satisfying ASMR sounds. You will love every single step with ASMR effects, starting from hard wax beads dropping to wax melting and then scrap the soft wax from top of the mold using a scrapper. Once done flip the mold and press the wax beads just like the satisfying fidget pop it toys for amazing pop it sounds and crazy satisfaction. The process will be oddly satisfying and give your eyes and ears the ultimate asmr triggers. Waxing had never been this much fun before so try this new hard wax beads melting. Create amazong wax sculptures like wax candles, dip your hands in wax melts to create amazing wax hands sculptures, pop it wax beans and beads for decoration. Be the ceo of wax by downloading this antistress satisfying wax melting game.
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