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Nov 3, 2022
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Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces APP

Weareal is a collection of classic analog and digital watch face models with amazing metallic glow and reflection simulation. Every watch face we design is interactive and response to rotation, thereby it looks like real on your Wear OS by Google watch. It can return you to those times when watch was not able to inform you about weather, but you were enjoying the beauty of material flare.


✔ Battery Friendly
For common usage power consumption increases only by 1-5%

✔ Looks Real
Beauty and style of classic analog watch with animated 3d light, glow and shadows

✔ Custom Design
We make each our stunning watch face from scratch and care about every pixel

✔ Temperature, Google Fit steps and Battery Level
Rider and Airpower models display current temperature (°C/°F) and battery level. Airpower also displays Google Fit steps counter

✔ Different Models
Explore new classic and modern models, take a look at live preview and add them to your watch

✔ Square, Round and Moto 360
Our watch faces suits round and square screens and have custom layout for Moto 360


Rider (free) - The trophy for adventure seeker. Suitable for real men. Get more information on the go.
Digimaster - Stylish sports watch faces with digital screen and mechanical arrows, which will give the impression of the reliability of your watch.
Acute (free) - Classic and simple design watch face with acute shapes. This model impart expression to your watches.
Airpower - Designed for everyone who loves mechanic. It's bold and bright, but at the same time quite airy.
Golder (free) - Minimal and elegance watch faces with gold elements. Golder looks luxury on your watches.
Wonderland (free) - Stay dreaming with the Wonderland watch faces.


We have designed Android Smartphone App to explore our watch face collection. You will regularly find new classic and modern analog faces in the feed. Application provide you ability for live preview. Tap on the watch face you like and rotate you device to see interactive effect with 3d light, shadows and reflections.

Compatible with Google Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 4, Motorola Moto 360 (2014, 2015), LG Watch (Sport, Style, G Watch, G Watch R, Urbane), Huawei Watch (1, 2) and all other Wear OS by Google devices.

In case of any problems, don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact us on: You can help make the app better.
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