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Version1.1.1 (13)
UpdatedApr 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
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*** Notice ***
When you share, in the part of the application may result in the state in which the image can not read the characters is compressed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

■ What's this?

Web Clipper is application that take a screenshot of the entire web page.

■ How useful?

When you are looking at web site, it is possible to save the entire page as image. For example, articles of news that was worrisome, involuntarily laughed funny pictures, later thoroughly want to read the text, and you find a delicious recipe of cooking site.
And taking images, that conserved in the gallery (can be changed from the setting), so you can look back at any time, you can share as e-mail attachments.

■ How to use

1. While using app, such as web browser, and you find a web page that you want to save as image, and then tap "Share" there, such as menu of the application.

2. When the list of apps came out, choose "Web Clipper" from among them.

3. After the web clipper has started, displays same web page as before, you can take screenshot of web page, press camera button on the app top of bar.

※Since web page a lot of information has been published will take time to shooting, there is a little time after you press camera button is applied.

■ Such a use can also!!

- In newspaper web site to check every morning, let's clip the news was worrisome in the sense that the newspaper clippings.

- Periodically observational, save the "now" of the same web page, it might be interesting When I look back while later comparison.

- If you're a study of web design, to be helpful to confirm the appearance of in the smartphone.

■ Setting items

Selection of capture range
→ Full Page, Part of visible, Ask before Capture, you can choose from three selected.
※ If you choose selected for "Ask before Capture", you can select each time "Part of Visible" or "Full Page" at time of capturing.

Add website information
→ This function adds information on the website to the header part of the saved image.
If you select Yes, the title and URL of the website you are displaying will be appended to the top of the saved image.
※ Information can be edited (date and time, memo etc).

Selection of image file format (JPEG or PNG)
→ Select the PNG format if you want to save in no deterioration of image.

Selection of image file quality (High, Medium, Low)
→ You can select quality of image.

Choose Save file destination
→ You can save image files taken to any folder on the smartphone. (※However, there is also a folder that can not be selected)

Whether or not to specify a file name when saving
→ If you choose to edit, when you tap the app of camera button, a pop-up to enter the file name will be displayed.

URL change in the initial page
→ It is a page that is displayed when you open the tap the app icon. (e.g., https://www.google.com/)

Changing the search engine (DockDuckGo or Google or Bing)
→ In part URL of the application top is displayed, it is search site to use when you enter the keyword and press the Enter key.

※Micchan Lab does not assume any liability for damages caused by using this application.

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※There is paid version that not appears ads.
Web Clipper Plus
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Email: hello@micchan.com

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