Web Explorer 999 APK

Explorer(File Manager) And Browser. Works on Tablet too. Writing to SD card OK.

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UpdatedOct 24, 2020 (5 days ago)
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One Month Free Trial,
Subscription : 150 JPY/month
This App is Subscription Type.
1. For Free Trial, your payment methods setting in GooglePlay needed. If not so, you cannot do Free Trial even if you downloaded. (This is Google Play's system demand for 'Free Trial and Description' Type App, sorry. Only "In-App purchase" shown for this type of App is improper, I think personally)
2. In starting App at first time, "Google play:Monthly Subscription" Dialog shown. This is likely to be misunderstood as "Billing"(because of same style dialog for actual Billing and Free-Trial). But this is for free-trial if you have never tried this app. Please read description in this Dialog well.

- - -
By combination of Web browser and Explorer in one App, you can do Internet Search with organizing acquired data (picture, screenshot, URL-shortcut etc.) in directory-folder structure.
File Search and Favorite Shortcut augment this functionality.

Explorer Features>>
Design you are familiar with.
Left:Folder Tree, Right:Contents list in your selected folder with left pane.

Create/Delete/Copy/Move/Rename file or folder.
*In Multi Select Mode, you can operate many files or folders in one time with checkboxes.

by File Name, File Size, Update Date or Extension in Asc or Desc order.

File Attributes
can select Show/Hide. In Preference, their font size, color can be set.

File Search
by conditions of File Name, Size, Update Date or Extension.
In Founded list, you can sort by above condition and open the files by clicking them or transit to location in which file found in Explorer mode.

Thumbnail of pictures or videos
Changes from simple list to thumbnail view By One Click.
Thumnail's size can be selected in Small/Middle/Large.

Drive Changes
You can easily change drives which explorer shows (Ex. Inner-drive and SD Card).

Writing to External SD card
can copy(move,create) file into them.

Favorite List Box(Shortcut ComboBox)
For your frequent-use Web Sites, Phone Numbers, Folders or Files, you can create shortcuts in this box freely. You can access those resources by One Click.
*Actual Phone-Call not executed. Goes to status in which Phone App raised and numbers are input.

Web Browser Features>>
2 Browsers
You can open URL link on the Web page with another browser. So you can keep previous page as like "Portal" then continue browsing relative pages on another browser.

Web Side-by-Side Mode
2 Browsers can shown Side-bySide.

Create Bookmark
into current folder.

You can Save or Download:
+ Pictures on Web page(You have to set 'Use Save-Dialog': ON, in Menu in Web mode)
+ Screenshot(only visible part)
+ Whole Page as MHT format
All above saved in Current folder in this App.
*Sometimes not perfect saving as full browser.

Built-in Text Editor(simple)>>
can shown in partial area above or below on screen with Explorer or Web Browser Pane at the same time. So you can Copy and Paste text from Web page to your file easily ,and vice versa.

Built-in Music Player(simple)>>
You can do Web Search work or other app operation listening to music featuring Repeat and Playlist.
And can Play Music Background even under Phone Screen-Locked.

Recent History
of accessed sites, folders and files.

Change GUI Design you like
+ Different Font Size and Text Color according to File Extension
+ Row height, font Size, fore and Back Color etc.

Clock, Battery Remaining shown

Border Grip-Ball

Manual included in app and can read it in this App.

*This App doesn't have function to communicate to Cloud, FTP or other kind of Server, can't connect to remote machine with bluetooth etc.
* not support Android's multi-window.
*Too hard operation while using Music Player might cause lacking of resources and music stop or unexpected Skip-Next.
*You might have poor response in using on old type of device.

What's New

Ver58:BugFix(Music Player Crash in Reopen and Lock)

New Feature(Ver.45-53)
+Floating Window for Media(not player).
Can change Size and Position freely

+Simple Music Player(Select Menu and "Music Mode' ON).
Can Web Search work or use other app listening to music, and Play Background even under Phone Screen-Locked.(Can Play/Pause and Skip using Widgit on Lock Screen)

+Text Editor can shown with Explorer or Browser at the same time.(Copy and Paste between Web page and text file easily)

Email: kitay4071@gmail.com

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