Wedding African Decoration Ideas APK

Grab your favorite Wedding African Decoration Ideas here!

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Wedding African Decoration Ideas

Grab your favorite Wedding African Decoration Ideas here!

Marriage is a very special event for men and women who will carry it out. Because everyone wants their marriage only once in their lives, making them design and decorate their wedding. There are couples who prefer to design and decorate their wedding with a very luxurious, some prefer to point to uniqueness compared with luxury. It depends on the bride's taste. But for kelians who have a narrow place for the wedding do not be confused. I will give tips on how to decorate the wedding in a narrow place.

1. Themes
This should be noted from the beginning. Because it will affect all things marriage. So the theme should be noted. For example an international theme or sometimes there are some brides who have a unique theme for the wedding.
2. Flowers
Because the wedding is inseparable from the flowers, we must maximize the budget interest to decorate the room. Choose a smart person to arrange flowers. Usually we prefer fresh flowers with the dominance of white, pink, yellow and green leaf. Use local flowers is also not a problem. The flowers can be chrysanthemum, delicious night, rose, pompom flowers. Stay nice and beautiful to look at. Now again banyyak who use flowers dangling from the sky.
3. Seat seats
Want to choose digedung or home, pelaminan is the focus of the wedding. But since the location is narrow, the decoration should also be simple. For better backdrop choose a simple with lots of fresh flower decoration. The seats are not too long, which takes up a lot of space. The decor should be compact but still beautiful.
4. The decor is unique
Because the land is not too broad, love to touch the place to display the decor is not as usual. For example along the road to the aisle is given lights or decorative candles. Or a prewedding photo and a photobooth near the entrance. Flower arrangement of fresh cornered or other unique decorations can also be made sweeteners in the room.

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