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There are a lot of way how to make a wedding bouquet. It may Start by removing all leaves that are still attached to the stems of your buds. It’ll make them look a whole lot better and easier to pack together. We recommend doing this in the garden with a sizeable green waste bag handy for that 10 kilos of off cuts that are going to pile up in no time.

For floppy stemmed flowers like Hyacinths or Ranunculus, who are going to keel over within the hour, you can insert a floral wire inside the hollow stem to keep it upright. Gently pierce the bud, softly bend the stem in the desired direction and then trim the protruding wire.

When assembling your bouquet, start off with any greenery or foliage. Then add three flowers, twist, and add another three. Continue with this method for a balanced bouquet, but feel free to place the flowers in whatever order you think is most beautiful.

Once you’re done, wrap a length of twine around the stems multiple times to ensure they’re completely secure and won’t lose position. Go over this with a ribbon of your choosing until the twine is completely covered.

If you want to pretty it up even more, glue some glass pearls along the length ribbon to create a truly gorgeous effect. The next step is to don that white dress of yours, fix your makeup and hair, take a hold of your DIY bouquet and go and get married!

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