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This application contains inspirations of beautiful and elegant wedding clothes

Getting married is certainly one of the awaited moments for couples, especially women. The women certainly want to look as beautiful as possible and as elegant as possible on her happy day. Well, for Muslim women who wear hijab also have to be good at choosing elegant wedding gown designs complete with the hijab, in this application it contains wedding clothes that make users look more beautiful

For those of you who are going to get married but have not got the right dress design, in this application the inspiration for wedding attire, marriage is certainly a very sacred event throughout the world, and especially for women, today is a very special day because they will wear traditional clothes from the original area and we can be sure that the traditional clothes of women that are worn during the wedding are certainly clothes that are full of beauty and have a special shape and have meaning.

And it turns out, these traditional clothes are very diverse spread all over the world, each country has its own traditional wedding clothes, and all of them are amazing, in this application we will provide inspiration for wedding clothes that are suitable for you. Some examples of traditional wedding clothes for women who are very iconic from several countries, hopefully can add insight to all of us.

1. Indonesia
Indonesia is a very large country and has a lot of cultural diversity, including the diversity of traditional traditional wedding attire for women. We will give one example of these traditional traditional clothes which are also very well known throughout the world, namely traditional Javanese wedding attire, which turns out to be a little different between Central Java, East Java, and West Java.

2. Japan
Traditional wedding clothes for Japanese women are very well known, namely kimono. And the kimono used for this wedding ceremony is also a special kimono, "shiramuku", which means a white kimono.

3. China
In fact, traditional wedding attire for women in China has changed little from the clothes used in ancient times, precisely the clothes that were once a day's clothes for women in China have now become national clothing as well as clothes worn during wedding ceremonies. Maybe you also often see these clothes, the clothes are called cheongsam, and are identical with red, as they also use during Chinese New Year celebrations.

4. Korea
Korean clothes are certainly no stranger to people in Indonesia, especially those who like to watch Korean dramas. And the women's clothes used for the wedding ceremony are hanbok, these clothes are usually dominated by bright colors and have simple stripes.