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In holding a wedding reception, couples are usually preoccupied with a variety of party needs to be prepared, ranging from wedding venue, catering, wedding invitation, wedding souvenirs, to wedding decorations. All these things should be carefully planned and adjust to the theme of the wedding that will be held.
One of the important things that should not be missed is to prepare a wedding decoration, where the two bride and groom will reign like a king and a queen for a day at a wedding. For that wedding decoration should be made as beautiful, and interesting as possible, because later the place of the wedding will be the center of attention, for all invited guests who attend the wedding reception.
Here, is the tips in determining the decoration of the place where you will be living as a bride later. Check out the explanation below:
1. Decide on Theme, Color of Your Wedding Decoration
Are you going to hold a traditional, modern-style wedding or a combination of both? If you have already defined a theme, then you are determining the color of the decor you will use. After getting an overview and input from a wedding consultant, like what later the wedding reception will be held, you can decide the decoration pelaminannya later.
Check your Wedding Places
You need to check on the wedding ceremony later. If you hold a wedding in a wedding or house, there is no harm to ensure the height of the ceiling to fit the theme of wedding decorations. Furthermore, when the wedding is held outdoors, the main thing to note is the weather factor. Prepare a simple tent and elegant so that guests do not feel disturbed by the heat of the weather or rain that fell suddenly.
3. Find Wedding Decorating Services
Start looking for wedding decoration services that fit your dreams. Do not forget to adjust to the budget you have. There is no harm in consulting with vendors to get a picture of what wedding decorations will be used, ranging from pelaminan, pergola, standing flower and so forth in order to keep up with the theme of your marriage.
4. Refresh with Fresh Flower View
The presence of flower decoration will also add to the freshness of the atmosphere of your wedding. Choose a flower ornament that suits your aisle and of course according to the budget you have. Do not forget also to determine how many fresh flowers required including determining the standing standing flower, pergola, and others.
5. Ask for Lay Out Decorative Decorations
In order for you to get the full picture, it would not hurt to ask the vendor to create a layout of the decoration of the wedding. Later the vendor, will make more detailed decoration sketches as you wish. Do not forget also that the vendor can adjust to other decorations such as decorating the presentation of food to your wedding party more visible match in the eyes of the guests invitation. Avoid choosing decorations that can reflect light because it can interfere with photo and video lighting. Make sure also the back of the aisle tightly closed from the light to avoid backlight when the process of marriage documentation done.

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