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WedTexts - Wedding Texting for Wedding Guest Lists

3.1.12 · Aug 20, 2020

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Latest Version

Version3.1.12 (62)
UpdatedAug 20, 2020 LLC
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WedTexts - Wedding Texting for Wedding Guest Lists app

Wedding texts & reminders to keep your guest list updated & stress levels low!

Enhance Your Wedding Guest Experience With WedTexts!

Wedding text messages and pre-scheduled wedding text reminders to keep your guests informed and your stress levels at a minimum.

WedTexts is FREE to Use With Your Entire Wedding Party!

All messages are sent directly to guests’ cell phones via SMS text message which means your guests don’t need to download any apps!

Create Memories With Your Guests

Wedding text messages perfectly complement all of your wedding events by bringing wedding communication into the future.

Keep your guests in the loop so they don’t miss out on one minute of your wedding celebrations!

Using WedTexts for your wedding communication will keep your guests talking about your wedding for years to come!

Be Prepared For Anything

Murphy’s Law says, “if anything can go wrong, it will.”

With wedding text messages you’ll be prepared for anything that tries to ruin your wedding experience!

With unlimited pre-scheduled wedding text reminders, you’ll be able to plan your wedding weekend months in advance.

And because WedTexts allows you to send unlimited real-time wedding text messages, you won’t be stressed when something inevitably goes wrong at the last minute.

Features for You

  • 💰Cost Saving Communication - Average cost of one-time invitations + postage = $4.50/guest … Average cost of unlimited messages with WedTexts = $1.33/guest

  • 👥Unlimited Groups - Organize guests into unlimited groups, so you can personalize their WedTexts reminders

  • Unlimited Pre-scheduled Reminders - Schedule unlimited WedTexts reminders in advance, so you don’t have to think about them later

  • 💬Unlimited Real-time Messages - When things don’t go according to plan, your guests won’t be left in the dark, you can send unlimited real-time messages to your guests at no extra cost

  • 📋WedTexts Templates - Schedule all your automatic wedding reminders in 5-minutes or less with WedTexts Templates

  • 📩One Message to All Guests - Send any message, to all your guests, all at once

  • ✍️Custom messages - Fully customizable text messages for a unique guest experience

  • 📝Editable messages - Scheduled WedTexts reminders can be edited in case something changes

  • 📱Android and iOS apps - Edit your WedTexts account from Android or iOS apps

Features for Your Guests

  • 🚫No App Needed - Communicate with your guests w/o requiring them to download an app

  • 📵No Smartphone, No Problem - Guests can receive your WedTexts reminders if they can receive a text message

  • ✉️Messages are sent as an SMS - No matter what phone carrier, operating system, or cell phone your guests have, they will get your WedTexts reminders

  • 😃All Inclusive Guest Experience - Remind guests about all of the fun things you have planned for them, so they don't miss out on any of your wedding experience.

  • 🗺️Addresses Link to Map Apps - Guests can get directions with one click inside a WedTexts reminder

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Guest Groups - Your entire guest list can receive reminder messages or you can send out custom messages to unique groups of guests, so guests get exactly the information they need when they need it.

⏱️ What are you waiting for? ⏱️

Take your guest experience to the next level with wedding text messages from WedTexts!

Sign Up For Free Today!


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