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App for manufactures and consumers to collect, record & trace product integrity

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DeveloperMarketing 24/7, LLC
Version2.0.4 (9)
UpdatedAug 12, 2019 (8 months ago)

WETrust Enterprise Solutions is a complete platform including:
(1) A cloud based system
(2) mobile applications for manufactures and consumers to collect, record and trace product origin.


For Consumers:
- Enables consumers to trace back to manufacturers. Allow quality producers to guarantee their foods to consumers.
- Consumers to receive warnings from manufactures on fake or replicate products.

For Manufacturers:
- Equipped with analytical methods, ability of locating products scanned on map, help brand protection and fraud detection.
- Brand protection and fraud detection:
+ Overlapping of distribution channels.
+ A single code scanned multiple times in different locations.
+ A strange code detected.
+ More codes scanned than the total number of products manufactured.
- Loyalty Program (points-based system and awards) to connect consumers and keep them loyal. By allowing personalization, consumers feel special and recognized, hence willing to share their data.
- Effective promotion campaigns bases on different analytical reports of actual product usage.

Email: lecanhkhanh@gmail.com

Latest Version

2.0.4 (9) Aug 12, 2019
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