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What's For Dinner is a quick, easy to use application with widgets and a meal planner that solves the age old problem of what to eat or where to go for dinner. It comes with a rich list of dinner ideas as well as a comprehensive list of restaurants that you can go to and customize to fit your preferences. Stop the nightly argument with a funny and clever way to help pick out what to do for dinner. There are hundreds of funny phrases loaded up at random to help you figure out your plans. Some might take a little reading to actually find your suggested location or meal, but that's just part of the fun.

When a restaurant has been selected you can press the "Map It" button and Google Maps will help you find you the closest one, and take you there.

When staying home there is a new search button you can press that will take you to Google Recipes to search for the meal that has been selected.

Large and small widgets help to keep a fresh look on where to eat or what to cook. Get a daily meal suggestion on the main screen of your phone at just a glance. They update once a day and only once a day to keep the power use to a minimum. The smaller widgets are click-able and will provide you with a random suggestion that pops up on the main screen. This will help save time and make selecting a dinner that much quicker.

Also included is a meal planner to help you build random weekly meal ideas from your existing list. When you are staying home, you can access this through the menu. It helps make meal planning a snap for those of us who need a little more structure to our lives.

The restaurant list and dinner suggestions are easy to change to your liking. Customize the list to your favorite places to eat, or throw in a new place now and then for a change of pace. You can do the same with the list of dinners. And not to worry, if you end up deleting the entire list and decide you want it back or if you feel like revamping your list, you can always load back in the defaults, or append them to your current list and start anew. As of version 1.4, you can also add in multiple items at once using the Add Multiple button and new page. Email yourself a list of dinner ideas or favorite restaurants and paste them into your list. It's easy and fast to make the list your own.

The 15 minute grace period in the marketplace should be plenty of time to check out this app and make a decision. Just remember that it initially loads with over 300 restaurant ideas and around 80 meals for you to pick and choose from, or add to as you like. You can fully customize the list of restaurants and meals that are displayed. I also welcome comments, questions, and or suggestions. Just remember that I cannot respond to comments left in the marketplace, you must email me from the link to the developer.

Copyright 2011 Isaac Davis/Sidewise Publishing

All Rights Reserved.

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What's New

Version 1.4

- Added in the ability to add in multiple dinners or restaurants on the edit page. If you want to make a list on your pc, and then email it to your phone, from there you can copy and paste this list into the multiple addition page, and they will be added to your list.

- When you are staying home, I added in a button where you can search for recipes based on the dinner that has come up.

- A few new phrases.
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