WhatsDog is a simple tool that notifies you the instant your friends connect to WhatsApp even if the contact has their settings to not show their last connection

WhatsDog is a simple tool that notifies you the instant your friends connect to WhatsApp even if the contact has their settings to not show their last connection. WhatsDog lets you basically spy onany phone number to find out if/when they connect to WhatsApp.
WhatsDog can ALWAYS see the WhatsApp last seen time, even if your contact has that option disabled. It doesn’t mind if your contact has an iPhone or he/she blocked you, WhatsDog can superviseeverything. It ALWAYS works!
Whatsdog Features :
WhatsDog, will do this task for you of tracking online activity of specified user On Whatsapp. Let’s see how Spy Whatsdog works :
Track anyone’s activity on whatsapp using contact number [WhatsDog].
select mobile number for which you want to track whatsApp activity. Note that you can select only one number at a time.
You can track and save activity of the user On Whatsapp in day wise. In WhatsDog calendar is provider to switch between dates. Using this calendar you can check previously saved data. And anothermenu is provided to see activity of current day.
Using the history,Spy Whatsdog also calculate the WhatsApp addiction level for that user in hours and days. This will help you to know, how frequently the user is using whatsapp.
Points to be noted:
WhatsDog application can track and Spy online activity of the user who had registered their number on WhatsApp.
Even if user had hidden their last seen, you can track his/her activity.
Even if user had blocked you, still you can track his/her activity.
Even if you had blocked user, still you can track his/her activity.
All these feature in Whatsdog can be used to spy on others WhatsApp log on activity. I am sure you will like Whatsdog . Do share this with your friend and share your experience here.
Why should I use WhatsDog?
– No more excuses!
– Because your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t be able to lie anymore!
– Because you will be capable of monitoring if he/she went out yesterday!
– Because you’ll be alert: you’ll know when WhatsApp is opened by your contact!
You are going to catch him/her online and he/she is not going to notice that is under surveillance thanks to WhatsDog. You’ll be able to text your contact immediately and he/she won’t be able to tellyou that he/her didn’t see your WhatsApp message.
WhatsDog Privacy :
WhatsApp connections monitoring of the number you choose.
– A notification will be sent to your device at every connection of the monitored number.
– You’ll find a direct access button to WhatsApp in WhatsDog.
– List of all the recent WhatsApp connections/disconnections.
– There’s going to be an intuitive and simple calendar with WhatsApp history connections/disconnections.
– WhatsDog is going to assess the WhatsApp level of addiction of your contact and a statistical overview of the connections/disconnections.
– Configure the settings in order to silence notifications, turning vibration on/off or eliminate advertisements paying a little money subscribing!
How To Spy On Your WhatsAp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog :
To use the Whatsdog, you don't need to have WhatsApp installed or even have a specific contact saved in your phone. Spy on Whatsdog only needs you to enter a phone number and once you do, you can seeinformation about every time that particular number has signed on and off WhatsApp.
From the moment you start using Whatsdog, a calendar is created that shows you the records, organized by hours and days, and statistics related to the time of connection of the phone number. Thatway, you can find out how many times the person has connected in the last 24 hours, week, or 30 days and even how many minutes they spent connected.
In addition, WhatsDog let you decide if you want to be notified the exact moment the person connects.
This isn't a Whatsdog app official application, This is an UNOFFICIAL Whatsdog tte application direct made by fans, not related or subsidiary with designers of any application or any of theiraccomplices.
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