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Wheel of life offline APK

Life balance assessment and management

Every person has a wheel of life, even if he has never seen it.

The wheel of life allows you to assess the balance of a person's life by its 8 (eight) life components:


Starting with version 53, the names on the wheel of life can be changed to your own and switch between the main set of names and your own as necessary.

A full-featured graphical life planner

The application allows you to work only with the graphics wheel when you are interested in the dynamics of life, but there is no time to write objectives, just move the values of its components on the wheel, when external forces affect it, and move the values of the set goals that you are going to implement.
To track the goal by the end date, set the due date for the desired goals.

The established timelines for completing objectives are tracked, with the possibility of canceling, continuing, or changing the values ​​of the initial goal assessment upon completion.

Be careful - the application monitors the timing of achieving goals, and not the objectives included in it, since objectives for a specific goal may be erroneous, or subject to external influence and not lead to the expected own assessment of the goal. To do this, we made it possible to change the goal’s assessment by the end date of the time set for it or its extension.

When you change the wheel of life or complete completed objectives, the previous wheel of life is remembered in the story with all notes, completed and unfinished objectives at that time, while unfinished objectives are transferred to the new wheel of life automatically and continue to be performed. When at least one wheel of life appears in the story, the corresponding buttons appear to navigate through the history of the wheels of life and its animation. The story is unlimited and very compact.

The animation of the wheel story is far superior to simple graphics in terms of perception, because you see the changing geometry of your life materially, in the form of figures, while providing numerical content .

The application contains detailed, contextual help and prompts that can be disabled in the menu.

If you have questions about using the app, simply click the help icon in the menu to get comprehensive information for each screen. Do not disable the tooltips in the menu while you are learning the procedure.


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