Where is logic? APK

There are several iamges before you, task is to find the logic that binds them.

Version0.1.7 (7)
UpdatedNov 25, 2019 (10 months ago)
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Interesting and informative game "Where is logic?". This is the first game in a series of five intellectual games from the "alexplay".
On the screen there will be some illustrations, you need to guess what logic can bind these pictures. In the game you will have an unforgettable atmosphere and many questions. If you run into difficulty, then 5 types of hints will help you pass on. Go through the game from beginning to end and become a true master of logic.
Just do not forget to go through the other four games from this series:
"What is missing?" - A game where you need to guess what is missing in the picture or photo.
"Find a general word" - a game in which you need to determine what unites the set of pictures.
"Guess the country" - a game about geography, you need to guess the countries by their contours and flags.
"Whose shadow?" - a game for imagination, you need to guess whose shadow is in front of you.
Pass them all!

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