Where's the Family Planning?! APK

It makes sure you'll NEVER miss a pill ever again.

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myPill® Birth Control Reminder - pill, ring or patch contraceptive.

222 million women in developing countries want access to contraception but can’t get it.

Women that are able to plan if and when they become pregnant, are more likely to survive childbirth, have healthier babies, finish school and even earn more.

Help these women, ask WTFP?! (Where’s the Family Planning?!)

myPill® is partnering with international not-for-profit organization EngenderHealth.org, inspiring women & men to raise awareness & take action. Learn more at wheresthefp.org.

+ DAILY REMINDER. myPill® knows when to remind and when you're on a break.

+ SNOOZE. If you want, it will keep reminding until you've taken your pill.

+ PLANNER. Reminds you to buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly checkups, stores your prescription, or anything.

+ PILLS, RING, PATCH. Supports all known contraceptives.

+ HISTORY. Take notes, track symptoms. Your doctor will love you.

+ PREDICTION. Plan your vacation according to your period, makes it easy avoid unpleasant surprises.

+ WATER REMINDER. Keeps you healthy and productive, use myPill to track your daily water drinking. We'll keep you hydrated.

Here are the great features we're giving you for free:

+ Daily reminder for taking a pill, no internet connection required.
+ Automatically pauses reminder on break days, during your period.
+ Hi-Res great looking graphics, adjusted for retina display and iPhone 5 big screen.
+ Tracking of period flow, period symptoms, taken self notes and more.
+ Planner for scheduling yearly check-ups, tracking pill packs and more.
+ Monthly calendar that visually shows events and days with a pill.
+ Six months ahead prediction of pill packs.
+ You can postpone your period by adding more pills to the pack, following your doctor's instructions.

Benefits you've contributed to the WTFP?! campaign:

* Snooze - several reminders per day, they'll stop when you've taken your pill.
* Custom number of pills in the pack - 21/7, 24/4, 28/0, 84/7, or any other.
* Secret reminder message, allows discretion from other people when getting notified.
* Password protection, protects your info from other people playing around with your phone.
* Reminders of placebo (non active) pills.
* Daily reminders to drink glasses of water - hydration is important for your body!
* Logging of pill taking time

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