Finally, after all those years of waiting, you can find out what potato YOU are.

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According to independent research, 11 out of 9 people strongly believe that they are a potato. They are obviously right, but deep inside they have no idea what KIND of potato they really are. They never admit it and just doubt themselves in silence.
It is a major problem, that we decided to tackle head on by making "Which potato are you?".
If you are one of those people, or if your true identity is confusing to you, download this game and solve the biggest mystery about yourself once and for all. You will find out what kind of potato you ACTUALLY are.

This app is absolutely stunning, with amazing features such as:
1. Finding out which potato you are.
2. 🥔

You might be a couch potato, but are you sweet or regular? Maybe you are secretly just a yam? This app will expose you.

Have you ever thought "Which potato am I?". Now you will know!

While this app is just a great psychological quiz for finding out about your true meaning of life and finding your true self as a potato, maybe it will spark a bigger movement, helping you identify and find your true brethren. Who knows, but we know that you are not alone.

This game might be the best or the worst on the market, depending on how you look at it (and if you like potatoes). Most of all, it is a test of a new game engine we have been working with for hopefully upcoming story games. Stay tuned!

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Minor update with tweaks for new potato devices :-)

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