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Help your baby to sleep with free white noise(hairdryer,vacuum,fan) and Lullaby

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UpdatedJan 02, 2021 (2 months ago)
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Lullin Baby Sleep helps parents to get their newborn or toddler baby to relax, calm and nap and fall asleep healthy and have a deep sleep with totally free soothing white noise and lullaby sounds.

You do not need any internet connection while playing noise sounds and also application size is only 38mb 👑 Lullin Baby Sleep is a LITE application with 35 mb download size.

You can make your own white noise and lullaby mix by let's mix function with different lullabies and white noises to calmer your baby ( you can play monotonous loop ) and have a long sleep with your noise sounds.

You can play your own white noise and lullaby mix for up to 16 hours limitless to get your baby- may be sometimes colic 😞 - infant sleep & nap by using timer 👍

In necessary situations you can use your mobile phone while Lullin Baby Sleep playing at background, this free pocket size white noise generator & lullaby song player is totally working offline 👍

You can also use Lullin Baby Sleep from your phone's notification center; you don't need to open application. You can pause or restart monotonous loop that your smart toddler loves lullaby songs.

Furthermore Lullin Baby Sleep can play while your screen is off; so don't worry about charge :) Your infant baby will sleep without any interruption. Baby Sleep is an mobile white noise machine & lullaby song player in your pocket 👍

We kindly recommend you to switch airplane mode on while leaving your mobile phone next to your deep sleeping baby for infant baby health and heart-warming smile. So we add an airplane mode management tool 👍

Does your baby wake up when you suddenly turn off the white sounds; or does it make you feel worried about making a constant noise ? We develop fade - out function. This feature will gradually reduce (fade - out) sound and turn off white noise and your baby has a deep sleep and grow well 🥳

There are many selected soothing white noises and classic lullabies;

Here is some of selected soothing lullaby;
- Wiegenlied Brahms
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Song
- Rock A Bye Baby Song
- Hush Little Baby Song
- Jingle Bells ( Christmas Song ) Song

Here is some of slumber white noises;
- Hairdryer ( Hair Dryer) Sound
- Vacuum Cleaner Sound (Hoover)
- Washing Machine / Dishwasher Sound
- Womb (Mom) Sound
- Car / Highway Sound
- Fan Noise
- Water Sound
- Wave Sound
- Rain Sound
- River Sound
- Train Noise
- Pink Noise
- Blue Noise
- Brown Noise
- More Colored Noises
- Heart Beat and more...

We wish your baby to have a non-colic bedtime night & non-stop sleep & nap :)

You parents, be strong be happy, parenting is a miracle, live all the moment that never come back again. Use infant products like our application for your baby needs, you will be more happy and relax :)

Some reviews from parent users;

- "This app is amazing....instead of having to play YouTube white noise videos for my son, which eat up my data and do not allow me to do other things on my phone at the same time, I can turn on the white noise and let it play in the background...not to mention it puts baby right to sleep! Great app 5/5 stars 🌟 " Brandi Hicks

- "I just downloaded this app, but so far I like it. My baby finally fell asleep shortly after turning on the "blue noise". I really like how I can use my other aps or play games on my phone and this ap will still play the noises or lullabies, and the timer option is great for leaving it on through the night." Yvonne De La Rosa

- "You can set up timer for white noise. Good variety of sounds: hairdryer, heart beat, train, mom, car, fan.... Plus there is calming music. There is option to mix music, for example fan plus ocean. Train + frog. Recommending!" Lidia Berest

What's New

With this version we finally serve you save option :)

-You can save your mixes now
-mix noise problem fixed
-User Experience improvements

have a nice sleep with LULLIN :)

Email: langboxapp@gmail.com

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