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Psychometric tests to measure psychological preferences to help career choices

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Who am I... personality tests .

Psychometric questionnaires designed to measure psychological preferences .

70 questions in simple English to give you a real indication of your personality type in less than 15 minutes.
Or the 39 question short test for a quick approximation.

You will be one of 16 types:

♠ Extrovert (E) or (I) Introvert
♠ Sensing (S) or (N) Intuition
♠ Thinking (T) or (F) Feeling
♠ Judgment (J) or (P) Perception

ENFJ - Envisioner Mentor
ENFP - Discoverer Advocate
ENTJ - Strategist Mobilizer
ENTP - Explorer Inventor
ESFJ - Facilitator Caretaker
ESFP - Motivator Presenter
ESTJ - Implementer Supervisor
ESTP - Promoter Executor
INFJ - Foreseer Developer
INFP - Harmonizer Clarifier
INTJ - Conceptualizer Director
INTP - Designer Theorizer
ISFJ - Protector Supporter
ISFP - Composer Producer
ISTJ - Planner Inspector
ISTP - Analyzer Operator

Also a 50 question Big 5 questionnaire.

♠ Neuroticism - tendency for unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, anger, or depression.
♠ Extroversion - tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others.
♠ Agreeableness - tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic.
♠ Conscientiousness - tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement.
♠ Openness - Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, and unusual ideas

People change over time through life changing events such as redundancy or having children, so if you have done it before it might be worth another try.

After the test view the short profile and profession suggestions. Great if you are a student or considering a career move.

Search current jobs, from tailored lists and see if your qualities match their requirements.

Jobs list from...

 Czech Republic 
 Hong Kong 
 New Zealand 
 Saudi Arabia 
 South Africa 
 United Arab Emirates 
 United Kingdom 
 United States 

Email: bede@mobiledictionary.co.uk

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