WhooshVR turns a conventional smartphone into a powerful 3D and VR Camera.

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WhooshVR - Creates 3D VR Photos for viewing in any VR headset

WhooshVR turns your smartphone into a powerful virtual reality 3D camera. No extra hardware is required. Use your smartphone to capture photos in amazing dynamic tilt-view Virtual Reality 3D experiences, easily and instantly. Your captured photos can be enhanced with VR3D overlays, and shared with family and friends via email and social media, anywhere, anytime.

Easy VR3D photo capturing. No more time-consuming, tedious, dizzying, or socially awkward photo capture methods. Simply point and shoot just like you normally would taking regular photos. Capture 3D Selfies, or photos of your friends, pets, places, and just about anything else you can photograph and view in VR.
WhooshVR is compatible with virtual reality headsets that can hold a phone.

This is the most user-friendly and fastest app for generating VR3D images using a single-shot photo capture method.

If you want to increase your field of view using 180 degrees fish eye lens, there’s a photo capture mode for the 180 degrees lens.
App Details:
• Take amazing VR photos with depth which you can view in 3D.
• Start capturing immediately.
• Switch between Static mode and Tilt-view mode in VR3D.
• By taking just one photo, you can turn your photos into realistic VR3D images – no need for multiple image capture.
• Share your captures with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and Email.
• 2D to 3D conversion is done directly on-device, in real-time.
• There’s a 2D preview mode.
• Menu control via dynamic head tracking. Optional menu control directly on the device by using the WhooshVR Cardboard 3.0 viewer (purchase through our VR Headset store link).

• VR Headset store link to our Cardboard 3.0 viewer – we’ve even re-engineered the Cardboard Viewer to include a front camera window for AR applications, and two (2) clickers, this gives you eight (8) functions directly on your viewer without having to remove your phone:
• Next & Previous
• Zoom IN/OUT/Full Screen
• Change depth: Low/Medium/High
• Add Overlays
• For best viewing comfort, we've added a feature to increase and decrease 3D depth

OS requirements:

WhooshVR on an Android requires version 4.1 or higher.

Find out more at www.WhooshVR.com

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WhooshVR 1.0

Updated: 2016-11-09 (3 years ago)

1.0 (1) 2016-11-23