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Why are you crying, my lovely baby?
- This app was developed by fools of their daughters and fathers of crying babies.

Warmest congratulations on your new baby, new parents! Wishing your newborn many years of good health and a new mum fast recovery. May you have a wonderful family life.

"Our loving child. I love him/her so much.
But... our baby is a crybaby. Every day cries Waa Waah. They say that baby is loveliest as a fetus inside the tummy, and after birth makes mommy and daddy so exhausted with their behaviors..!
There is no way to know whether our baby is sick, or hungry. It feels so stuffy. Our angel is crying, but mommy and daddy don't know what to do. We can't visit the maternity clinic every day either.."


Why Babies Cry prepared three little gifts that will relieve all the worries of mommy and daddy in the world!

1. five types of cry from Baby.
Infants who was recently born cry to communicate with mom and dad because cry is the only and the first communicating method for the baby.
According to the researchers who constantly study for baby's cry, there are five categories of sound, from Baby, which they use to ask for basic desires. If you learn those five different sounds, it shall help you to further understand the baby.

2. Gently falling into dream land.
White noise which babies like. When the baby feels unusual difficulty, it is said that white noise helps the child to calm down. We prepared white noises which are said to have the best effect to babies.

3. Questions about baby crying (Q&A)
Checklist that enables quick view. In case the baby doesn't stop crying or to handle it, we inform you the necessary things moms and dads should know.

4. Q&A board, Baby shopping mall are being prepared! :)

Once again, we congratulate the birth of a beloved baby.
We pray for your happy family with your baby!

Email: support@wishpoke.com

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