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Aug 2, 2023
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WhyCall - AI spam blocking app APP

WhyCall can block disturbing calls using AI technology and you can enjoy the convenience with AI Spam Blocking upon subscription of this unique function in the app settings.

Have you ever experienced receiving constant annoying marketing calls from unknown numbers?

And you keep on wondering about how they got hold of your number?

Scam calls are getting smarter.

So WhyCall learns and evolves continuously.

Artificial intelligence can learn and think by itself.

We made an artificial intelligence engine on WhyCall wherein it can automatically block unwanted calls after analyzing your phone activity.

Make your day worry-free from scammers with an artificial intelligence scam blocking!

What is WhyCall?

▶ With an artificial intelligence engine, WhyCall becomes smarter.

▶ WhyCall AI can learn and analyze call patterns.

▶ WhyCall can block dangerous calls such as voice phishing.

▶ When you receive an unknown call, WhyCall can tell you who it is in real time.

▶ WhyCall does not collect unnecessary personal information.

▶ We will continue to make innovative functions in the future!


Hello everyone!

We are the WhyCall team, and

we are trying to make a perfect defense app that can make your phone safer.

WhyCall is doing good, and with you, it will become even better.

Thank you for keeping tabs on us all the time and we will continue to do our best.

WhyCall team.

■ As for your personal information security,

WhyCall does not collect any personal information other than the user's phone number and device ID.

Rest assured that your phone number and device ID will be kept safe and undisclosed.

Collected user's phone number and device ID are for authentication purposes.


Developer Contact : msan@evain.co.kr
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