WiFi Smart Control APK

Auto on/off WiFi during call, when phone gets locked/unlocked, set smart timer

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UpdatedAug 15, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Reduce unnecessary cell-phone radiation exposure by automatically disabling Wi-Fi during a call and enabling it back at the end of it.

It requires very less space and is a light-weight application.

Over time, the number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call, and the amount of time people use cell phones have increased, thereby increasing the radiation from them.

The main advantages of the app and turning off wifi during call includes:
-During call, notification sounds from WhatsApp, facebook and other internet enabled apps burst into our ear.
-Radiations emitted from the cell phone is controlled to some extent.
-Our ear and cell phone gets less warm.

Studies have shown that exposure to the Radio Frequency waves emitted from mobiles can cause:
Raised blood pressure at the time of use
Direct brain warming after prolonged use
Mild fatigue after prolonged use
A recent study in Sweden suggested that acoustic neuromas (benign tumours of the acoustic nerve) are twice as common in mobile phone users than in those who do not use mobiles.

Disabling Wi-Fi using phone call dramatically reduce radiation emissions into the brain.

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