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Now use Walkie Talkie for free phone calls and free conversation.

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Free walkie talkie supports free phone calls that are cost-free. You should be on the same wifi network connection before using this free calling application.

You need to be in the same WIFI zone to communicate using the Walkie Talkie app. It is possible to download and use multiple communications simultaneously. Send your voice to the same wifi network on all devices.

No need to connect to the web. It works for WiFi Walkie Talkie without an internet connection, but you should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

✦ Main Feature ✦

❖ Voice calls.
❖ Group chat.
❖ Private messages.

✦ Feature ✦

❖ Talk to an active voice.
❖ Real talkie, design-like walkie.
❖ Connecting facilities between two devices.
❖ There is an unlimited number of active calls.
❖ No additional opening fees or accounts.
❖ Capturing and broadcasting audio on all smartphones.
❖ The unicast address for which only one device receives audio.
❖ Click or just tap on Walkie Talk.
❖ It's crystal clear the sound.
❖ Multicast audio on devices registered with the IP address you have selected. User -free

✦ Feature of a voice call ✦

❖ Good sound quality even if the Wi-Fi signal is very low.
❖ There is an unlimited number of active calls.
❖ Wired headset support.
❖ The speaker's mode.

Share it with your family and friends to enjoy this Best WiFi Walkie Talkie and enjoy this amazing app.

There is also a channel scanning system which allows the user to search all channels and see if there is someone speaking on any channel. You can, therefore, search the channels to see if a body is talking to him and start talking to him.

✦ How to use it : ✦

❖ All devices you want to communicate with must have the same application and be directly connected to the same wifi network.
❖ Say you're connecting to the network to the people around you.
❖ You can now use the full feature of Talkie.
❖ Download now the Free App.

Simple Walkie Talkie brings back the experience of a classic walkie-talkie. Use it as you would on a portable device for ordinary Walkie Talkie. It also includes baby monitor mode.

Supports and wireless internet. Swipe left-and-down or right-and-down to lock the button. Looking for a free non-call fee call application? Try this Free WI-FI walkie talkie application and use it to chat on different floors with friends, family members.

Wifi Walkie Talkie Free Call is a broadcast tool when you're in a single Wi-Fi network, how amazing if you're able to communicate freely with your family and friends or former colleagues who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network on multiple floors, if you're just looking for some free call applications to talk to friends and families then don't use phone calling applications.

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