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Join Challenges to win prizes.


In brief, we want to provide you with a safe environment where you get the opportunity to display your photography skills and get them evaluated by aspiring artists like yourself. Until now, either you have never tried to share your talent with the world; or you have showcased the photos you took with your camera of mobile phone on various platforms. Now, it is high time you saw the value of your works. With the Winmie, you can earn money by competing in challenges, rating other artists’ photos and have fun along the way.

By participating in challenges, you move through a total of 10 user stages that are prepared with a game logic; and eventually reach to our partnership status. At this final level, you will participate in challenges as a partner of the Winmie Team, which means that you will be able to make profit with your wins.


The challenges take place under complete anonymity. We do not reveal the ranking information or the owners of the photos until the voting is over. To maintain this anonymity, we do not allow any sort of sign or mark that may reveal the owner to appear on photos. Photos satisfying all of our terms will be displayed for the members to vote. In this stage, all you should do is trust yourself and your talent.


Each week approximately 3 new challenges will be available for you to participate in and when the voting process is concluded, the voting results will be published very quickly (in 3 or 4 days). Some of these challenges will be free to participate, whereas some are paid.

Likewise, in most of these challenges you will be competing to upgrade your level, whereas in some of them, there will be awards waiting for you.

In addition, each month a contest with a big prize will be published. The duration of this contest including the participation, voting, and evaluation processes will take up to a month.


You can upgrade your status by completing several tasks that are determined and planned by the Winmie Team within the framework of our app’s game logic. These tasks may be verifying you e-mail, participating in the voting process, or triumphing in challenges.

Going up to higher levels will provide you with some advantages:

- Your status will be visible to other participants

- On each level, the value of your vote will be enhanced by one point, which will make you more valuable for other participants.

- With each level, you will get closer to becoming a Winmie Partner.


As the final status you can reach in Winmie, being a partner means that:

- You have proven yourself to the community by completing all of the tasks

- You can create challenges from which you can profit

- Additionally, you will be included in Winmie profit partners, which means that you can earn money not only from the challenges you have created but also from other challenges you have not been involved at all.


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