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Mar 25, 2021

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Wire & Pipe Locator APP

Wire And Pipe Locator uses your devices magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field values from electric wires and pipes and turns your phone to a stud detector. Data is displayed in in µT (micro Testla) chart unite. The nature magnetic field ranges from 25 to 65 µT. Any higher measurement is an indication of wire, pipe or stud area.

Depending on the accuracy of the sensor of your phone, you can use it to detect wires and pipes up to 10cm away. Note that equipment like TVs, and computers case can affect readings.

**How to use
1-run the locator in your phone away from the wall to set sensor balance
2-Slowly slide your phone in every direction, while keeping your phone flat on the object where you want to find pipes or wires
3-The normal electromotive force field (EMF) is about 59µT, when an object is located, EMF chart reading will increase with a beep sound.

Not all phones are equipped with such a sensor. Please check it your phone

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