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Feb 19, 2024
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Wish Live is a global live-streaming platform that can bring fun and excitement to its users. We focus in providing an entertainment that is interesting, cheerful, and funny. Not only that, we are featuring a lot of pretty women and handsome men and diverse cultures. We also feature users who are active in expressing their talents and skills! We also offer quality and courteous content for users with our exciting features.

Live Broadcast
Live streaming talent show:
Live streaming is our main feature; this feature allows users to meet pretty women and handsome men with their exciting talents. Each host has their uniqueness and excellence in showing the talent that is interesting, fun, creative, and funny.

Up Call
The host has the capability to invite viewers to participate in a call to discuss interesting topics, while viewers have the option to request to join the call and engage in conversation with the host.

 If it's not enough to watch live streaming, you can send messages to hosts you like. This feature makes it easy for hosts and users to chat more deeply. If you are shy in the room, you must send a message to your idol host.

Content creators: You can create a high-quality, visually rich content that captures the attention of your fans. These contents can be in the form of paintings, literature, handicrafts, expressing moods, and telling your daily life that is interesting, funny, or even sad.

The topic of discussion
 You can also exchange ideas in a friendly and rational manner with all walks of life. You can share knowledge, experience, and professional insights. You can comment on any insights that are unique to you.

Freedom topics
Create topics: you are free to create and discuss with other users, seeing their perspectives. You can be a hat leader, express your ideas profoundly, and get to know people with the same interests as you. Let's find out more similarities!!!
Join another topic.You can join to discuss topics that others have created. You are not a leader, but you can still channel out other great ideas.

Beautiful Gifts
Magical gifts have a stunning effect that can spoil the eye and make people you admire smile when they see your gifts.

Simple operation:
 It has the function of an easy process and smoother playback.
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