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In the past, blazer is very synonymous with formal events, such as seminars or meetings. Pemakainyan was also limited, ie only for professional circles only. Women who wear are also only career women only. But not for now. Many women are wearing a blazer also to follow fashion. Therefore, the use of blazer now is not limited to work clothes only. However, to match the appropriate type of blazer should be considered several things, such as:

Choose a comfortable material

Material can be the number one consideration before determining the blazer type. Blazer material you should choose is a soft, not stiff, not easily wrinkled and mduah absorb sweat. As good as any price of your blazer, but jikabahannya not comfortable to wear then blazer will be in vain. So choosing comfortable materials can be tips on choosing the first woman blazer you should consider.


Tips on choosing a second female blazer is no less important is about the size selection. The size of the blazer should match the size of your body. Do not select a blazer that is too loose or too narrow. Blazer is too loose of course make your appearance is not interesting because this will make you not tidy. While the blazer is too narrow will make you not elegant. Choose the size of the blazer that suits your body size. So you will also be easier to mix matching, such as with knee-length skirt or pants pants.

Number of buttons

Tips on choosing a woman blazer this one may look unreasonable. But actually not. The selection of button numbers also greatly affects your appearance. The tip is, if you have a fat body you can choose a blazer with a little button, at most 3 pieces. This will make your body look thinner than before. Whereas if you are thin, blazer with full buttons can be your best choice. You can choose a blazer like a male model for example. Thus your skinny body will look more filled with the selection of this type of blazer. Tips on choosing a woman blazer that this makes sense open?

Choose the color of the blazer according to the event

Tips on choosing the next woman blazer is about color selection. Choosing a blazer color can not be separated with the purpose of using the blazer is, whether for a formal or casual event. Of course there are differences in color selection for different usage purposes. For formal events, you can choose white, beige or black. But black is the recommended color for you to choose. Because the formal event is more identical with the black blazer. As for the casual event, you can choose the color blues bitu young or red. You can blend matching this color with plaid or other appropriate patterns.

That's some tips you can learn before deciding the type of blazer to give the impression more trendy in your appearance.

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