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Latest design of Payal for your leg can be found here. These are very special and selected design which can make yourself look more and more beautiful. You will feel special and attractive in any festival or marriage occasion.

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This fact is often overshadowed by modern media, which highlights women's faces and torsos, and little else. Yet throughout history, the delicate shape of women's feet have been paid great respect and attention.
In ancient China, it was such a big deal that women had small, delicate "moon-shaped" feet (that is, with deep insteps) that an entire custom dedicated to foot-binding was developed. This was extremely painful for the women, but the standards for lovely feet back then helped greatly in setting standards of overall attractiveness; women with small feet were considered noble and aristocratic.
Nowadays we have done away with painful practices, knowing that women's feet are beautiful naturally. The sensuous instep and curve of the ankles call for accentuating jewelry. This is part of why woman anklet bracelets are increasingly in demand.
Ankle bracelets -- "anklets," for short -- are lightweight and fancy decorations for the feet. Many come with tiny charms, which usually include variants of a favorite symbol, like cats, hearts, stars, and bells -- the variety is endless. Bracelets worn on the feet are in fact very similar in make to bracelets worn on the wrists, which is why for many, bracelets and anklets are interchangeable.

Woman anklet bracelets are available in a wide range of styles, types, and colors. Anklets can be modest, alluring, funky, fancy, classy, bold, or delicate. They are available in sterling silver, 14k gold, gemstone anklets, woven anklets, pearl anklets, and beaded anklets in a wide variety of bead combinations. You will find most of the handcrafted beaded anklets will be the most unique and often one of a kind.
Most men appreciate them on women and find them to be sexy and alluring. Women expect flowers, perfume, and intimate gifts and an anklet is a great way to surprise that special women with something unique. Giving a women ankle bracelet shows can be very thoughtful gift and unexpected.

Many people wonder that if there is any special meaning of wearing anklets. Today, let's talk about this from both synchronic and diachronic view.
Anklets today play the role of necessary accessories for people. Anklets come in a wide range of designs and materials. Silver and gold are not the only choices. Alloy, ceramic and resin ones can be found in the market. The styles also dazzle people's eyes from hollowed stainless steel one to engraved alloy one. Walking through the crowd with a unique ankle bracelet on your ankle contributes to a beautiful scene. No matter you want to buy it yourself or send them to friends, anklets are definitely the best choice for who pursuit beauty and likes fashion jewelry. Anyway, anklets are believed to be object tie lovers in this life and other life.
Many people also want to know whether the anklets should be worn on right ankle or left ankle. Others also believe that wearing anklets can bring good luck. Wearing the ankle chains on left ankle can keep base persons away, while right ones can bring wealth. As a matter of fact, there are no stated regulations. It all depends on your favor. If you want to stand out your beautiful right ankle, you can wear the anklets on it. Anyway, you can wear them as long as you like.

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