Tips on Choosing a Skirt You Can Try

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1. Body is very thin
The first tip is for someone who has a skinny body. For you have a body shape like this you can choose a long skirt with a vertical motif or floral. By using such a patterned skirt, it will be able to give a more impression on your body.

2. Small or Short Body
Someone who has a tiny body is generally afraid to wear a skirt. For women with body shape like this should know tips on choosing the right clothes. This is because wrong in choosing a skirt can cause the body to become drowned. To work around this, you can wear a long skirt and combine it with a long blouse fitted body that has a color matching with your skirt. But you should avoid skirts that have large motifs and flat shoes sandals. This is because it can make you more petite and shorter.

3. Body Shaped Sand Clock
Tips on choosing the skirt according to the next body shape is to choose a skirt for the body shape of an hourglass. If you have this one body shape choose A-line skirt and combine it with a belt is perfect for you. Because this can make your body more accentuate the curve of your waist. And you should avoid skirts that use many materials such as Flouncy skirts. This type of skirt can make your curves more invisible.

4. Body Tall and Slim
For those of you who have tall and slender body you need not be confused to choose the type of skirt that suits your body. Because this kind of body shape is very suitable to use all types of skirts. But one of the best recommendations is that you can use a patterned long skirt and then mix with a plain top fitted body that has a soft or calm color.

5. Pear-shaped body
Someone who has a pear-like body in general has a big buttock and thigh. Therefore, you are very suitable to use the type of A-line skirt. This type of skirt can hide your buttocks and also your thighs. What should be avoided is to use a tight skirt. because this will get everyone focused on looking at your big hips.
So a review of tips on choosing a skirt according to body shape that you can try

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