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Become the best Wood Cutting Tycoon and get money in this simulator clicker game

Version1.2.0 (7)
UpdatedJan 17, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
DeveloperIdle games mastery
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Have you ever been curious how is it to be a lumberjack and a millionaire? Are you a fan of idle simulator games? Become a new lumber mill tycoon and earn money out of selling wood and get rich quickly in this idle tycoon game!

🪓 Expand your million dollar wood empire and boost your lumberjack’s productivity with great sawmill upgrades. Be a manager who will automate the wood production of your wood farm empire!

🪓 Explore the best management strategy and earn as much money as possible with the tycoon simulator - play offline and online! Start farming wood in a forest now! Wood inc. 3D is not a classic clicker game: you don’t need to tap like crazy to build sawmill like in other clicker simulators.

Are you in love with money games and idle apps? Do you want to be a lumberjack? Idle Lumberjack Tycoon is a new simulation game that combine sawmill management, wood mining, woodcutter upgrading to earn money and become a wealthy capitalist millionaire. Not like in other idle simulator games, the goal of this wood cutting simulator is to build biggest lumber mill factory and cut trees: cash that you make from cutting, you need to hire a lumberjacks and upgrade sawmill, tree cutting speed to optimize your wood cutter for the excellent timing of the whole cutting and wood mining process.

🏗 The difference between other idle games is that you could become a lumber mill manager and a tycoon capitalist, you can build a billionaire empire, and earn cash by optimizing the wood cutting processes in this management game as you would in a clicker simulator.

🏗 Upgrade sawmill in the manager simulator ’til you become extremely rich gold tycoon! Enjoy this wood cutter tycoon game! Deforest a map with the best money simulator game and be a real lumberjack. Can you cut wood in a forest all around a world to become a true wood tycoon in the adventure lumber mill game?

Idle lumberjack tycoon simulator:
🌲 Automate forest cutting to increase idle income: No need to click and tap all the time like in other online clicker simulator!
🌲 Get idle money and earn cash & wood: You can expand your business while playing offline!
🌲 Invest in upgrades and get rich! Become a millionaire with this idle offline game!
🌲 Hire a lumberjacks to cut trees and deforest planet faster! New simulator among mining games.
🌲 Build up your idle forest empire without the useless clicking and experience new wood chopping tycoon games!

Simulator game in which get the chance to be a forest cutting tycoon millionaire by automating the wood farming workflow simulation without a need to tap all the time.
🎄 Manage more than 10 lumberjacks in a same time: Become a forest tycoon by managing wood cutters in this lumber mill business simulator!
🎄 Be a true wood cutter! Idle tycoon game with the option to upgrade a sawmill.
🎄 Cut forest to turn wood into gold! This makes the idle game the best money game!
🎄 Play anytime and anywhere the cutting game is offline tycoon simulator!
🎄 Buy more lumberjacks to chop trees faster and try to be a manager tycoon in the idle cutter simulation!

🌳 Get rich, buy new lumber mill upgrades and workers, invest money and wood, and become the greatest wood farming tycoon ever in this sawmill strategy simulator! No need to tap and click like in other online clicker simulators or clicker games! Play the manager games and money games, unlike other idle tycoon games!
Make money in this wood industry manager simulator. Deforest planet and become millionaire! Have fun with the Tycoon game - not like in the other idle games! 🌳

What's New

Added 5 new levels!
Fixed bug with workers being able to be leveled up above max level
Fixed bug with workers being stuck
Fixed bug causing player being unable to finish level with all trees cut

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