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Word Search Classic for kids APK

Word Search with 1000+ words to play with. Spelling Learning App for kids

Version2.6 (16)
UpdatedJan 17, 2021 (4 months ago)
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Word Search Classic for Kids?
It is a letter puzzle game which will encourage you to play and learn at the same time. Its easy to play. It is a fun and learning which will definitely help you to play learn words and will train your brain.

Both adults and children can play this game.

Has different levels of difficulty, making it perfect.

Easy Perfect for little children. Size of the board is 8 x 8 words are provided to search on the puzzle. Add on is the clue which helps you to find a new word when you need a help.

Medium The board is built 10 x 10. As the level changes the challenges starts than the last.

Hard Now the board available is 15 x 15 and each game becomes harder. This level helps to train your brain with a classic game.

The game is classified in different categories like flower Food Fruit Vegetables Body Parts and so on.

Last but not the least the game is included with sound which will help kids to help and learn the names of words.

Definitely it will improve your kids memory.

The game is provided in different languages like Dutch, Danish, French, Indonesian, Spanish German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Word Search Classic has more than 1000+ words per language. Word finder helps in concentration and searching logic in children. Word Search is kept simple having only right to left and top to bottom search. Word Search helps to remember multiple spellings of word while searching for them, hence enhancing concentration and memory.

It is good for dyslexic children's, it help them to remember words with spellings.
Find the words or playing crossword is good way to demonstrate the use of searching algorithms, a concept essential in the development of artificial intelligence.

It can also be called as crossword game for children's of all age
Kept Simple search.
Game level divided in 4 categories 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter and 6 letter words.
300+ words selected are common in use and easy to spell.
Replay option is added for replaying with same set of words arranged differently. This helps children to recognize word by seeing it.

What's New

Added Cross Word for kids in English


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