Words search meets puzzle games. Search & connect words to unlock themed levels.


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Mar 14, 2023
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Word Search - Fun Word Puzzles GAME

Welcome to Word Search! From the creators of the Word Maker app, here comes a fresh, new word search puzzle ready to challenge your word search skills, your problem-solving skills, while also help you relax and have quality fun anywhere you may be, anytime you need to.

Words games apps are the ultimate pastime! Here we are inviting you to an easy, yet challenging and interesting word search game app where you need to search and form words by connecting letters or sequences of letters to unlock new levels and fun tools.

Entertaining and challenging, Word Maker Search is also a skill game that will help expand and improve your vocabulary, improve your spelling skills, acquire more focus in problem-solving.

Challenge yourself, connect the letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally, discover more and more words and enjoy the results. The better and faster you are at searching words, the more levels you'll unlock. It's more than just word search and connect, it's about earning rewards, using fun tools (the "rocket", hints and more) and training your brain and your vocabulary skills in the process.

With new levels unlocked, more fun themes will be revealed, with new words discovered, you'll earn more rewards.
Don't forget the Daily Puzzle - complete 5 such word puzzles in a row to win precious trophies.

Install Word Maker Search now to play your favourite search word games. Have a blast while finding as many words as possible by joining the letters together and keep unlocking those levels - the more you unlock, the more fun you'll have!
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